#ShockWildlifeTruths: Pros and cons of wildlife apps - join Traveller24's twitter chat on 1 July

2016-06-27 15:21
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Cape Town - SANParks recently announced that it would like the public to assist it in curtailing the use of wildlife apps in South Africa's national parks - sparking a controversial debate on the effects of technology on the safari or wildlife experience.

Join us on Friday 1 July at 12:00 as we discuss the pros and cons of technology in South Africa's national parks. We've invited co-owner of Wildlife sightings app Tracking the Wild John White, Nadav Ossendryver, founder of Latest Sightings as well as a SANParks Representative to join in on the Twitter Chat. 

- Follow along using #ShockWildlifeTruth. Some of the questions we'll be asking...

1. Have wildlife spotting apps affected your safari experience in a negative or a positive way, tell us about a specific experience?

2. Removing cellphone reception from the park has been suggested as a management measure, two-way radios will still be able to work - what's your view on this?

3. What additional guidelines can be put in place for the use of apps in the Park, if any, without taking away from the wildlife experience?

4. Do you think technology can be used to the benefit of conservation, if at all?  

5. Share your favourite safari spot or tip with us.

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