PICS: Yoshi the loggerhead turtle gets freedom as Christmas present

2017-12-16 12:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cape Town - Yoshi the loggerhead turtle has been released back into the wild on Saturday.

After decades of living at the I&J Ocean Exhibit, your favourite turtle has finally made it back to her home turf, alongside other rehabilitated hatchlings.

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Her release was first announced back in October with a big farewell party, but the aquarium was waiting on good summer weather conditions for her day of freedom.

The process of removing her from the exhibit started on Friday, where she was sedated and polished so that a satellite tracker could be put on her to make sure she's okay after release and see where she goes off to explore.

Yoshi was chaperoned by a team of aquarium curatorial staff and animal experts approximately 30 nautical miles off Cape Point.

"Yoshi is undoubtedly one of the Aquarium’s most famous and most loved inhabitants. She’s on first-name basis with many of our regulars, she loves swimming to the front of the exhibit to say hello to visitors, loves a good photo opportunity, and can be a bit of a bully to the other fish," the aquarium said in an earlier statement.

"We’ve all grown extremely attached to her, but all signs are there that it is time to return her to the wild. Nothing will make us happier than to see this beloved animal thrive in the open ocean, even though the farewell will be bittersweet."

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She came to the aquarium after being caught in a trawler's fishing net in 1996, and was about 3-5 years old back then. Her current age, around 25, makes her within the sexual maturity range, This and other new behaviours is driving factors for her release.

You can follow her journey below from the Two Oceans' Twitter feed.

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