PICS | Super rare pink manta ray spotted in the Great Barrier Reef

2020-02-17 20:45
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The world can be a weird place - especially in the big blue. 

But you probably never thought you would have ever seen a pink manta ray. The rare creature - the only one documented in the world - was recently captured in photos by Kristian Laine off Australia's Gold Coast near Lady Elliot Island.

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Its name is just as cool as its pigmentation - Inspector Clouseau - named after the famous fictional detective. The inspector has been spotted a few times before according to ZME Science since its first discovery in 2015.

But why is it pink? Initially scientists thought it was something to do with an infection or diet - like flamingos - but a biopsy in 2016 has ruled that out. 

The current theory is that it might be a genetic mutation, similar to that of albinism. 

While it stands out in the ocean, manta rays are giants of the deep and don't have too many enemies that they need to hide from.

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