In case you were curious: A list of names (and locations) of the top 100 people killing the planet

2019-05-27 06:30
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Ever since 1988, over 70% of the world's harmful greenhouse gas emissions have been the doing of just 100 companies. 

Sadly, it's kind of a myth that modifying personal behaviour like buying eco-friendly, green products, eliminating the use of straws and saving every drop of water possible would drastically reduce climate and environmental change. Of course, it helps. But it is literally just a drop in the bucket considering the powerful companies that are depleting the world of its resources, directly stripping environments of its minerals in a very big way, on a daily basis.

Without apology, these 'planet killing companies' have remained relatively anonymous. Until now. 

The Decolonial Atlas has created a detailed map, naming and shaming those companies and CEOs who are responsible for this environmental destruction. 

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Houston, Texas in the US tops this list with 7 'planet killers', closely followed by Jakarta, Calgary, Moscow and then Beijing. In terms of South Africa, three major companies, situated in Jozi and Pretoria made the list. 

The site reports that, "Their business model relies on the destruction of the only home humanity has ever known. Meanwhile, we misdirect our outrage at our neighbours, friends, and family for using plastic straws or not recycling. If there is anyone who deserves the outrage of all 7.5 billion of us, it’s these 100 people right here. Combined, they control the majority of the world’s mineral rights – the “right” to exploit the remaining unextracted oil, gas, and coal."

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Just to put it in perspective, mineral rich country, South Sudan is currently the world's poorest country, where most citizens live off around $250 (R3500) per year. In stark contrast,  Russian oil magnate, Vagit Alekperov, who is the wealthiest person on this '100 people killing the planet' list. He is worth over R288 trillion ($20.7 billion). 

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