Fire and Ice: SA freezing, as Europe's heatwave capped by world's first-ever extinct glacier

2019-07-23 10:18 - Marisa Crous
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South Africa is freezing. Wrapping ourselves in thermals, we almost can't fathom the reality of a humid, 38 °C day.  

News24 reports that with a cold front hitting the Western Cape on Tuesday, 23 July 2019, and a second looming, it's going to be a cold and snowy day - heading into Wednesday. 

But mid-winter was properly ushered in this past weekend with the Swartberg mountains outside Outshoorn being wrapped in a blanked in snow, resulting in a picturesque winter wonderland: 

WATCH | Let it snow! Cape mountain ranges deliver winter wonderlands

But while we consider building snowmen and are busy preparing our third cup of hot choc, Europe is melting. STILL!

Global warming is proving itself to climate change-deniers, with Europe in the midst of a literal meltdown. June 2019 was recorded as one of the hottest months Europe has ever experienced; now July promises to be even warmer according to Business Insider. 

With another heat wave approaching next week, the core of which will be centered from Spain into France according to AccuWeather, it might bring temperatures as high as 40°C.

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What are the knock-on effects of this heatwave? 

While central Portugal is on fire, the soaring heat experienced across Europe has melted the snow in the Swiss Alps to such a degree that a small glacial has formed, says Forbes. 

While in Iceland, scientists and researchers are mourning the extinction of the world's first-ever glacier. Due to contributing factors of climate change, the OK Glacier turned into stagnant, rotten ice patches and then disappeared completely. Researchers wrote the OK Glacier a eulogy in remembrance.

According to Earther, researchers expect all of Iceland's glaciers to melt away by 2200. 

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