Inspire the wanderlust young with these travel books for kids

2019-04-23 18:00 - Saara Mowlana
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children travel books

Why not get travelling with your kids through these cool travel wanderlust evoking books. (Photo: Wayfairer / Supplied)

Who doesn't love a good tale and picture book that fuels our wanderlust and tickles our travel taste buds?

The desire to travel adventurous journeys and fervent curiosity are two traits we never truly fully outgrow. And as we all know a good story is a sure way for a quick escape or adventure without having to step a foot anywhere.

It helps us learn about the world around us and foster a sense of yearning to want to see it and fully appreciate the places that occupy our literary expeditions.

Wayfairer took the liberty to create two fun graphics that showcase which children's books from around the world is known to encourage kids to want to see the world. 

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A South African book made the list too. 'Journey to Jo'burg' by Beverley Naidoo represents SA on the list and follows the tale of Naledi and Tiro, who travel from their village to Johannesburg to get help when their baby sister becomes ill - the pair learn a lot about their country on the way.

Some of the tales that have made the list take kids on adventures from villages to cities, much like Naidoo's work, or colourful rainforests dense with local wildlife adventures and even journeys across the seas for globetrotting explorations.

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Aside from the adventure factor, these books are also great at providing curious kids with educational and insightful glimpses into the culture, environment and history of the various countries around the world.

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The bonus of kids' books are of course the vibrant, exciting and enticing graphics and images that accompany the fables. You can expect colourful landscape and city skyline illustrations to provide kids with both an eye-catching and informative idea of what the places look like. 

Some books even include educational language lessons to assist your youngin' pick up some of the basic phrases from various languages.

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Some other African standout countries that made the book list include books from Rwanda and Egypt as well as Cameroon.

To see the full list of books that made the cut, click here.

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Go on a journey through the book map below and find you or your kids' next escape: 

childrens books that inspire wanderlust

Take a journey across the world with your kid and these kid's books. (Photo: Wayfairer / Supplied)

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