Find your Family Holiday Escape - searching these flight deals (Partnered Content)

2017-06-23 13:50
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The winter school holidays officially signal the middle of the year - and often time for a much-needed recharge. Of course, it's the big mid-winter break for families.

Traveller24 has rounded up the ultimate family staycation guide - from the coolest things to the Mother CityJoburg's top outdoor budget adventuresDurban's affordable family fun as well as PE's pocket-friendly ideas - there is no excuse not to have a good time. 

Winter is more than just about hibernating.

It’s time for making some special memories - if you haven’t yet planned anything - fortunately South Africa is a family-holiday adventure playground. Whether you’re spoiling for a family escape in the wild - try one of these five ideas - or take advantage of one of these wonderful, winter specials.


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