Are we there yet? Family travel to increase by 25% by 2022, here's what you can look forward to

2018-10-12 15:28
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family runs on the beach on Christmas morning

Make the time to spend with your loved-ones over the Christmas holiday (Photo: iStock)

Whether your family is made up of infants, tweens, teens or fully grown adults, there is no getting away from the importance of the annual family break.

Even travelling with grandma and grandpa adds a whole heap of pluses to the end of year escape - which makes the trend in multi-generational travel expected and welcomed.

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Sara Grady, Head of Travel & Tourism for GlobalData says, “As disposable income grows and emerging markets open their borders, we will see trends like multi-generational travel drive trips forward, particularly from hugely valuable source markets like China." 

Grady says the outbound family travel market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.6% from 300 million trips in 2017 to 376 million in 2022. 

The company’s latest report, ‘Key Trends in Family Travel’ highlights that family travel sees a host of specific needs, including the "provision of more transformational activities to the seamless availability of technology".

”The family travel market is characterized by increasingly sophisticated and disparate traveller demands with the industry now needing to cater to the wants and needs of many different age groups, and consumers who are more than ever, used to having tailored products and services available to them.

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"Family travel is moving beyond the traditional sun and beach getaway to offer families some much needed time to reconnect with each other and create lasting memories, increasingly in unique destinations, or on niche holidays, from cultural trips to activity-filled adventures.

It has never been more essential to offer travellers something beyond the norm to stand out from the crowd and that caters to their specific demands, irrespective of where they are from. 

Similarly, Agoda ‘Family Travel Trends 2018’ survey, conducted by YouGov, found that just 18% of travellers globally take only one family holiday a year, while over 34% have taken more than five family trips in the past year.  The survey shows the top considerations when booking family travel includes, "cost, safety of the accommodation, attractions and activities as well as facilities. Lastly the distance to the destination also matters." 

Whether you're considering one or three trips in 2019, take your cue from one of the top trends as listed by Virtuoso's Family Travel theme highlights

  • Celebration travelling - this could be a milestone like university graduation or even just the celebration of family members living across the world, coming together to have fun. See you in Thailand? - click here for holiday tour options

  • Mother/daughter or Father/son trips - This could be a peaceful walk across a portion of the Portuguese Camino or catching the F1 in Dubai. 

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  • Cultural immersion - from getting Flamenco dance lessons in Spain to an all-out Northern Cape road trip adventure to experience ancient shipwrecks or dine with the first peoples, you have options both near or far. 

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