Pretend you're still a child with these adult Easter egg hunt ideas

2019-04-05 11:55 - Marisa Crous
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Why let the kids have all the fun? This Easter might just be the perfect time to reveal your playful, yet competitive side to those around you. 

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There is a plethora of Easter egg hunt games for you and your friends, colleagues, etc. to try. And most of them don't even involve eating any chocolate.  

Play this with your friends

Have a piñata party! Get some plastic eggs, and instead of candy, fill them with other things adults might appreciate more, like money, vouchers, etc. 

Or opt for a game of truth or dare. Keep it adult by adding little notes with dares or questions insider plastic eggs. This could even be turned into a drinking game. 

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Play this with your colleagues

HintHunt is the ideal game for co-workers to play.

Why? Not only is it a lot of fun, but it's a fantastic way to team-build. Available to book in both Cape Town and Jozi, the game is basically a scavenger hunt. The game is an unforgettable fun-filled experience where you solve puzzles and open locks in a fast-paced hour with lots of laughs. Remember to book in advance.

Or go on an adventure with the Gallivanting Goose. Available to play in both Cape Town and Jozi, this is a scavenger hunt with a difference, taking you around your city, you'll be seeing interesting sights and discovering new things. Also excellent for teams, this game is a bit like The Amazing Race. All that is needed is a smartphone and great team spirit.  

Play this with your fitness group

Go in search of calorie burns. 

You might not necessarily see these as rewards, but in a fitness context, feeling that literal burn is important. For example, go with your Crossfit, boot camp or running friends and find ways to make your activities a little bit more challenging and exciting. Go check out new trails, hiking routes and set yourself some goals. For example, go running and do 20 push-ups or burpees every 500m. See who can finish all the tasks first and make sure there is a prize for the winner. 

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A loved one

Instead of an egg hunt, do a ring hunt. This could be a fun way to propose. If you're ready to commit to your partner and want to ask their hand in marriage, then keep them on their toes as you send them on a scavenger hunt during Easter. Leave clues and send her/him to their favourite places, and spots you love as a couple. 

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