Millennials in travel: How are they different, if at all?

2017-04-24 12:27 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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Cape Town - Millennials, often defined as Generation Y or young adults born after the early 1980s with an affinity to technology, and through this hyper-engagement they seem to be changing it for the better, as well as redefining the travel sphere through their unique ways - making travelling a necessity rather than a luxury.

But how are they different from their older counterparts?

Much like their older counterparts, they do nearly everything from their mobile devices, but millennials are in many ways more satisfied than their older counterparts.

This is, according to InspiredCitizen founder, Anthony Berklich who spoke at the World Travel Market (WTM) Africa held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre - showcasing the latest travel trends, products and businesses as well as incredible networking opportunities that sees thousands of travel industry professionals congregate in the Mother City.

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"Millennials travel spontaneously"

Berklich says the millennial age group opts for more long-distance destination over shorter periods of time.

"Millennials travel spontaneously, condensing long trips down to seven or even five days, as well as being interested in new and exciting destinations, places that are special and make them stand-out from their friends," he says.

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"Social media worthy travel experience"

With pictures of exotic destinations and adventurous excursions flooding the social feeds of millennials, it’s no surprise that travel has become a top priority for this generation.

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Berklich says millennials look to create social-media worthy travel experiences.

He states they're looking for destinations and experiences that will not only capture their hearts, but as well as show well through social media, making their friends and family a little envious."

Combine business and pleasure

While travelling for business, millennials are spending more company money than their older counterparts and according to Expedia survey, millennials under 30 are travelling 4.7 times per year on business compared to 3.6 times for those above 30 years old.

"Millennials are more comfortable mixing business with pleasure, they are more likely to extend a business trip into a personal vacation than the older generation is," says Expedia.

"It's the simple things"

The millennial group however is not particularly interested in the fancy or luxury side of things. 

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"With this like-minded group, it's not about how expensive something is, it's about making the most of what they have. It's the simple things that matter the most," says Berklich.

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