WATCH: Wildebeest escapes from jaws of lionesses after hooking horn into big cat’s leg

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A spectacular fight for survival took place at Kruger National Park that saw two lionesses eventually being chased by a wildebeest. shared the footage captured by Hannes Joubert, who came across the sighting about 24km north of Satara Rest Camp on the way to Olifants Camp.

“We came across these 2 female lions stalking this wildebeest ... After waiting for an hour, the wildebeest took a dust bath and this is when all hell broke loose and the females gave chase,” says Joubert, adding that the wildebeest fought back and managed to hook one of its horns into the leg of one of the lionesses..

“This must have been extremely painful for the lion, as it was for quite a few moments that she was hooked onto the wildebeest.”

“To tell the truth I had mixed emotions about the whole ordeal. This sighting is very scarce as lions usually kill wildebeest when they catch up to them,” he says, adding “My advice to people in the same situation is to stay put and wait for the end”.