WATCH: When your day in Sabi starts with a leopard kill inside the camp...

2018-10-18 16:31
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If you've ever been on a 3-hour-long game drive hoping to spot some Big 5 spectacle, only to return to your rest camp, tickled pink more by your G&T than the thrill of any wildlife spotting - you'll know just how extraordinary this experience really is. 

This incredible sighting of a leopard kill inside Idube Game Reserve lodge, in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve near Kruger National Park - was captured by Camz Engelbrecht, a 26-year-old Field Guide on Sunday, 14 October 2018.

According to Engelbrecht, it happened at 5:20am on the lawns of the lodge leading to the guests rooms.

The guides are normally up an hour or so before the guests to get everything ready in the morning, with Engelbrecht saying he was half-asleep when the scene began unfolding. 

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"As I was making my way to the coffee station to set up for the guests my colleague Brogon spotted the female leopard behind a rock, watching a Nyala making its way to the lawn.

The female leopard is well-known by the lodge staff and is named Scotia.

Engelbrecht says he literally started filming 40 seconds later. 

"Almost at the exact same moment I pushed record she started trotting towards the Nyala and took it down. My adrenline started flowing, and I've never felt more alive in my life.

"Being a naturalist I didn't feel sorry for the Nyala or have too much human emotion to the situation. Just in absolute awe of the power behind this small female leopard.

Scotia is a mom to an estimated 9-month old cub, which is why Engelbrecht and his colleagues took steps to ensure the camps safety after she left the kill behind in the camp. 

"We knew that she would have to go and fetch it to bring it back to the kill. For safety reasons once she left her kill, myself and my tracker dragged the carcass about 400m outside of camp and put it at the base of a weeping boer bean.

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Engelbrecht says this was a once in a lifetime experience for people who spend everyday of their lives in the bush.

"I do not expect to see this again, and my tracker who has been here for 15 years has never seen anything like it. So yeah, it was indeed rare."

If he had one piece of advice to share for unexpected kill taking place within the confines of the camp it would be,  "Keep your distance, and ensure you have an escape route if necessary." 

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