WATCH: This family of sleepy elephants waking up will make your day

2019-02-20 06:30
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A baby elephant and its relatives are taking their sweet time getting up after being awakened by the matriarch of the family.

The spectacular scene was captured by Conrad Cramer, while on holiday and shared through Latest Sightings. 

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He was watching the family laze under some trees to escape from the heat, lying down which is rare to see in elephants. The mother woke up first and then nudged her baby awake, who clearly shows no interest in getting up.

The calf then goes on to wake up the rest of the family, creating a cute montage of elephants getting ready to move on.

With a sense of awe at having been a witness to such a sight, Conrad tells Latest Sightings: “It was one of the most tender moments in the bush that I have ever experienced”

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