WATCH: Take a dip with these Limpopo elephants to ease into your Friday

2018-08-17 06:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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Woman sitting by a pool as an elephant drinks from

At Mhondoro Safari Lodge, elephants like to take a sip from the guest pool. (Photo: Mhondoro Safari Lodge)

In lush game reserves where elephants roam, you would normally expect to spot them lapping up some refreshment at the watering hole - but at Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villa, they seem to prefer the human's swimming pool.

It's so frequent, in fact, that the lodge's Facebook page has various incidents of ellies dipping their trunks into the pools - while people are swimming in it! 

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Some people have wondered if the pool water isn't bad for them, but Mhondoro has noted that they use a salt chlorination system so that isn't harmful to them.

The five-star lodge is situated within Limpopo's Welgevonden Game Reserve, and alongside the elephant the rest of the Big Five also make their home here. The lodge is also connected to an underground waterhole hide if you want to see the elephants in a more natural habitat.

Looking at them chilling by the poolside is just the right fuel to get you into the weekend spirit... even if it's still winter.

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These kids however look a little too relaxed while watching these giants cool off.

This one is enjoying a coffee break with a fellow earthling.

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Although this herd seemed a bit more sceptical of the humans and the pool.

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