WATCH: Skittish impala forces young cheetah to wait on mom to finish the job

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A juvenile cheetah took down an impala and kept hold of it while waiting for its mother to come help.

Shared by Latest Sightings, the young hunter caught the terrified impala in the middle of the road near Shingwedzi Camp in Kruger National Park. The buck kept trying to escape, but the youth held real tight with its paws and eventually its teeth.

The astonishing video was captured by Reto Schmidlin, who told Latest Sightings it was the best she's ever seen, but felt bad for the impala.

"Out of nowhere, we saw two cheetahs sprint out of the bushes and begin hunting the herd [of impala]. I thought we had lost them after a few moments when they went out of sight. It was only after we started driving again when we saw the cheetah lying in the middle of the road with an impala."

"We were so excited at our luck of having this happen to us and also so close to the road. My hands were trembling out of excitement during the whole sighting. And the noises from the impala was making us tremble more!"