WATCH: Reckless, hasty driver nearly hits elephant in Kruger

2016-07-05 10:42 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - Footage showing a reckless driver in a Toyota Fortuner nearly hitting a young elephant that crossed the road in the Kruger National Park has been shared on social media, highlighting again the seriousness of recklessness in the Park. 

The incident was filmed in the Kruger, close to Lower Sabie rest camp from the dash-cam of another vehicle. It was posted to the Kruger Park YouTube channel.

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The hasty driver is seen racing past two other cars at a turn-off, right into a herd of elephants crossing the road. 

The Fortuner slows down to allow a big elephant to cross the road, and then speeds on. But, as it speeds up, it seems as if the driver doesn't see another, younger elephant emerging from a bush to cross the road. 

Sounds that are earlier the vehicle's ABS brakes, or the elephant's trumpeting, are audible on the footage. 

Check it out here: Reckless driver nearly hits elephant in the Kruger

SANParks announced last month that they discourage the use of wildlife sighting apps in the park, as these contribute to speeding and reckless behaviour in the park. 

Traveller24 sparked a heated debate on Twitter on Friday, 1 July, when we asked app users and SANParks lovers to come up with possible solutions to the ongoing wildlife app controversy, which has been attributed to increased speeding and road kills within the parks.
Although the core solutions discussed in Traveller24's #ShockWildlifeTruths discussion were positive, incidents like the one filmed above is a step backwards in terms of finding a solution to the Park's - and especially the animals' - overall well-being.

This especially after SANParks said they would rely on visitors' 'sensible consideration' to be responsible in the Kruger Park.