WATCH: Old school Toyota Corolla revs massive elephant out of the road

2016-03-07 14:53
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Cape Town - A David and Goliath scenario played off in the Kruger National Park recently when a driver in a badass, red 1995 Toyota Corolla revved a massive elephant bull out of his way. 

The small red car with a Mpumalanga registration number had no time for the agitated bull in its way. Regardless of how the elephant flapped its ears and approached the tiny car, the driver just revved the engine of the Corolla and proceeded to drive on when the elephant finally made way. 

You can check out the footage here: 95 Toyota Corolla Revs Massive Kruger Bull Out Of His Way

Lowvelder reports that the driver might be a staff member from Lower Sabie, who was late and in a hurry to get past the elephant. 

Willem Botha, a Kruger Park enthusiast and member of the official SANParks - Kruger National Park Facebook group also says, "Obviously the driver of the vehicle knows elephants and he probably works in the KNP or an adjacent park... That is a way of getting elephants out of the way if you know elephants and can predict their temperaments."

Other members of the Facebook group, however, are calling the driver an "idiot", saying he is disrespectful towards the wildlife in the Park. 

Making loud noises, according to Dr Marion Garai, chairperson of the Elephant Specialist Advisory Group (ESAG), is a smart way to repulse an angry elephant approaching you. 

Garai gives the following tips for people who find themselves in a threatening situation with an elephant: 

-  If the elephant appears to be making a mock charge, you have the option of standing absolutely still. It shows the elephant that you're non-threatening and it removes the desire to chase you. However, you'll need to judge the suitability of this move by the size and aggressiveness of the elephant before you.

- Be noisy. It might be possible to shoo off the elephant by making loud noise if there is some distance between you and the charging elephant. 

The video was posted to YouTube by Liaan Lategan who says they were racing to make the cut-off time at their camp's gate when they stumbled among the David and Goliath incident.

"I went on a Sunset Drive with a few of my tourists," Lategan writes. "It was around 17:45 and we were far away from the nearest rest camp. A few cars were in a hurry to get back to camp, but another was on its way in the opposite direction..."

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