WATCH: Leopard loses hilarious game of 'cat-and-mouse' to cunning mongoose

2016-09-16 12:30 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - It's not only kids that love a game of hide-and-seek... And when wild animals play, it's even more entertaining! 

Don't believe us? Kevin van der Linde recently managed to capture video footage of a leopard and a mongoose playing a game of cat-and-mouse - literally.

Kevin, a 27-year-old head field guide at Balule Game Reserve head field guide, says he spotted the sighting on a day trip to the Kruger, something he often does when he has time off from the lodge. 

He says it was a very rare sighting for everyone present. 

"We enjoyed a few great sightings starting at Orpen Gate and then stopped at Girvana Dam where we were admiring some zebra drinking from the dam. Suddenly we looked up and saw another car staring in the opposite direction and saw a leopard sitting under a tree. That's when it all started.....

It was confusing at first, Kevin says. He remembers the leopard suddenly starting to chase something into a ditch and then into and around a bush. "We tried to identify what it was chasing. One of our one friends thought it was a dassie! After a while, we realised it was a Slender Mongoose.

"After about 10 minutes of the leopard aimlessly circling the bush, it finally lost interest and gave up, giving the mongoose the opportunity to get away very quickly."

Kevin's footage was uploaded to the Latest Sighting Youtube page Kruger Sightings. Check it out to see for yourself: Leopard loses 'cat-and-mouse' game to cunning mongoose

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