WATCH | Kruger safari guide steps out of vehicle and accidentally walks straight into pride of lions

2019-08-21 12:00
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Three lionesses resting in the bush in the Maasai

(PHOTO: iStock)

It's not everyday you see something like this on a game drive: Your guide literally stumbling upon a pack of predators camouflaged in the tall bushveld grass. 

WATCH: Kruger tourists treated to front-row lion hunt of kudu

Steve the guide stepped out of the safari vehicle to look at some animal tracks when he unwittingly found himself mere meters away from an entire pride of lions. Funny, it's unclear who was more surprised, him or the lions. 

Seems the tracks were very, very fresh. 

Published on SafariLive, they say 'It's true what they say about the wilderness "you never know what's around the next corner". Or at least in Steve's case "you never know what's hiding in the long grass!". It seems both the Nkuhumas and Steve were equally surprised by each other! At least Jeandre and FC had a good laugh!"

Watch the moment here: 

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