WATCH: Kruger elephant with mammoth itch shows effects of a good scratch

2016-03-16 13:30 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - There are few things as satisfying as scratching a good itch... and this elephant knows that all too well. 

Visitors to the Kruger National Park spotted this young bull having the time of his life scratching his belly on a perfectly perched anthill. 

Ilza de Wet, who submitted the footage to the Best of Africa on YouTube, says they spotted the ellie with the big itch at Sable Dam in the KNP. "After the large herd of elephants had left, this young bull remained and began scratching against an old anthill. He spent about 3 minutes scratching, and we filmed the last 40 seconds."

You can check out the itchy elephant here: Kruger Elephant Scratching Its Mammoth Itch It The Funniest Thing You'll See Today

Last week, one of five elusive elephants believed to be living in the Knysna Forest, made headlines when it was spotted by a ranger and captured on camera.

Unlike in the Kruger National Park where elephants can be seen almost everywhere, the Knysna elephants have become almost mythical bush inhabitants that are very rarely spotted by people. 

You can see this incredible sighting here: WATCH: Elusive Knysna elephant captured on camera

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