WATCH: Kruger elephant picks up trash and puts it in the bin. Unbelievable!

2019-08-25 05:00
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"We could all learn a thing or two from this helpful litter-picking elephant!" says South African Tourism after sharing this unbelievable clip. 

The remarkable footage was captured on CCTV at Greater Kruger National Park and has been shared via twitter. It shows a wild elephant picking up litter and putting it in the bin. 

Seemingly unbelievable, but inspiring none the less. 

While it is not a new clip, having previously surfaced in 2014, the footage is once again winning the internet. Even though some say the elephant is not knowingly picking up the litter, it's still food for thought.

"Wow, how sweet... our friends from the wild are doing the most for our planet. If we all could do the same, this world would still be as beautiful and green as we found it for the next generations of plants and living beings," said one Twitter user 'Anthony the Great'

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Another user Thato Magae called it "emotionally awesome".

"Does this mean that the roles have reversed? People have now become animals and vice versa? So embarassing!" she says. 

(Compiled by Selene Brophy)

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