WATCH: Kruger buffalo flicks lion into air like a toy

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The “king of the jungle” was tossed aside like a toy by a buffalo at Kruger National Park. The video shared by Latest Sightings shows how the predator – which looks like it’s in dire need of a meal – was asleep when a buffalo charged at it and flipped it into the air before chasing it off.

According to Latest Sightings, “One reason for her solitary existence could have been due to male lions taking over her pride and forcing her out. She was clearly unable to hunt alone without any fellow members and she was starving and weak.”

Captured by Bathabile Shakwane, a field guide at the Park, says a buffalo bull noticed the lion lying in the bushes and decided to tread carefully towards it, but got a bit too close and the lion got a fright and tried to flee.

“Once she got up we noticed how terribly thin and weak she was looking,” says Shakwane, adding “Unfortunately, in the condition she was in there was no chance she would be able to take down a healthy buffalo of that size on her own. The buffalo realised her vulnerable state and flung her up into the air like a ragdoll.

“She managed to get away from the buffalo unscathed,” says Shakwane.