WATCH: Just another day in Kruger... Elephant shows wild dogs and cops who's boss

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Cape Town -  Elephants are not part of the 'Big 5' for nothing and this Latest Sightings video captured by Beryl Venter, while on a week-long vacation at the Kruger National Park shows encounter of an ellie making sure everyone knew who was in charge, and even the local police force got a taste of the telling off.

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'not expecting any "wow" sightings'

“We were on our way home from Letaba after a five-week stay in Kruger - feeling very depressed and not expecting any "wow" sightings," says Venter. "We were then suddenly very excited to see the wild dogs running around and playing in the road - twenty-one of them. We were the only vehicle at the sighting."

Reminiscing of the event, Venter says it was like the "last ever sighting the would have of wild dogs running around".