WATCH | How to get face-to-face with SA's wild animals without getting out of your car

2020-01-06 14:45
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One guide from Mala Mala Game Reserve in Mpumalanga, South Africa, wanted to get a closer, face-to-face experience with the animals - and decided to see how they would react to a GoPro.

Roan Ravenhill started using his action camera to get a more personal experience with the animals on his game drives. He shared a compilation of his encounters with Latest Sightings.

Animals he's captured so far include wild dogs, elephants, lions and leopards.

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"I’ve wondered what the interactions would be like from a much lower angle and if the animals would actually notice the GoPro. I’ve taken a few videos featuring different wild animals and it seemed that every encounter was different, to be able to witness their different behaviour from up close was spectacular!” Ravenhill told Latest Sightings. 

“As a guide in nature, you always try and predict the movement of the animal so you can position yourself for the right shot, and the fact that animals like using roads to travel on sometimes just makes it much easier. I enjoy leopards, wild dogs and elephants the most, they are more curious and this makes for better interaction with the GoPro.”

“I have been lucky enough to not lose a GoPro, yet. I did, however, have an elephant stand on one of my GoPros, but luckily the ground was soft enough to cushion it and so only the housing of the camera was damaged.”

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“Sometimes, I set down a GoPro while I’m on safari drives with clients and I usually ask them if it’s okay before going ahead. If they are happy, I then share the footage taken with them afterwards. I know some people will think that setting down a GoPro in wild territory is invasive to the animal and so on, but, I find that a GoPro is small and much less invasive than a big, loud, filming vehicle.”

However, do not put your camera out in the wild without official permission and a professional guide with you.

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