WATCH: How to act like an idiot and charge a Kruger rhino!

2016-07-12 13:38 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - All we can do is watch in pure disbelief... 

In the latest installment of the Biggest Kruger Idiots, a man was filmed walking right up to a rhino, before charging and throwing stones at the animal.

The video is filmed by an Afrikaans man who continually jokes about his friend's 'gutsy' move. The man in the footage can be seen walking to within metres of the rhino. He picks up stones from the ground several times, and throws it at the animal, as if to agitate it. 

In the footage, children and a women can be heard laughing in the background. 

Check it out here: Kruger idiot walks up to rhino, throws stones at it

The video was posted to YouTube by Kruger Park. It is captioned, "Crazy Idiot charging a rhino and throwing stones at it... Filmed in Kruger National Park. Yes, filmed in Kruger Park..." 

The footage was sent in by an anonymous source, and since publishing, many Kruger lovers are calling for the idiots in the footage to be identified and banned from the Park forever. 

Davina Glading posted commented on the video saying, "Someone must know this lowlife, hopefully they report him. More the shame is the children who are laughing - being bought up that this is "acceptable" behaviour - what hope if there for them?" 

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