WATCH: Hearts will break as you see an eagle take out a baby warthog

2019-01-16 10:30
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Sometimes nature can be very mean.

A baby warthog ran its last run with the family when a martial eagle decided to make it its next meal.

The unfortunate encounter was captured by trade finance banker Nazeem Mohammed in Kruger National Park and shared with Latest Sightings. 

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“It was a quiet, uneventful drive along the S114 where I was filming Impala, Spurfowl and some elephant along the way before coming across a warthog family.

"At first, just filming the warthog, it appeared to be an uneventful, run-of-the-mill drive. For some reason, I kept filming as the piglets ran from beneath one tree to the next before crossing over the road. My family and I were completely unaware of the martial eagle who remained hidden until the piglets crossed the road in the open.

"My son was first to notice the eagle swoop in from the left, just out of shot and thankfully I maintained a steady hand and kept the piglets in focus. Only once the eagle hooked its target did I realise just what a remarkable sighting I had just caught! Excitement naturally took over. We remained with the kill despite the many cars which stopped to investigate the sighting but who left soon after.

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"Two hours later, once the eagle felt comfortable enough and flew down from the nearby tree again, it secured the piglet in its talon and walked it across the S114 to a nearby bush under which it fed. At that point, given the number of cars also jockeying for position to see this, we left with an amazing memory.

"This sighting is even rarer than a big cat kill, as there is very little to none easily available footage of a martial eagle kill in the Kruger Park."

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