WATCH | Baby elephant in stand-off with lions - who will win? (Warning: Graphic content)

2019-11-06 11:50
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A lone baby elephant in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe at a watering hole was surrounded by hungry lions looking for an easy kill.

The video was shared with Latest Sightings by Calvet Nkomo, a guide at African Bush Camps' Somalisa Camp. 

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"On an afternoon drive at Ngweshla in Hwange National Park, we came across a young elephant wandering by itself at the waterhole. I explained to my guests how such elephants tend to be vulnerable to lions," says Nkomo.

"Ten minutes later Humba, a male lion, first proceeded with a mock charge, but in his second attempt, attacked the elephant by jumping on its back. The lioness joined him and everything happened very quickly. Together they managed to take the elephant down in no time. Later their whole pride joined for the feast."

“All the while this sighting was playing out, I thought to myself about how clever Humba had built up the attack. First doing a mock charge to test the elephant's defense abilities, then continuing to drink at the water hole. When the elephant then thought it was safe as the lion did not continue the attack, he let down his guard and that’s when Humba and the lioness attacked together.”

“When you get to see something like this, just watch as the story of nature unfolds, though it might be hard, this is survival, the chain of survival.”

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*Compiled by Gabi Zietsman

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