WATCH: Adorable baby rhino playfully charges at car

2017-10-30 11:36 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town – Footage has surfaced of an endearing baby rhino standing its ground and playfully charging at a vehicle in South Africa.

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Precious moments

Tourists visiting South Africa on a safari were lucky enough to capture the footage shared below of the baby rhino, and it has set hopes high for viewers.

The little bundle of cuteness attempted to charge the vehicle and once the car started to reverse and come to a halt, the little one changed its mind and trotted away only to return for round two as it ran between two vehicles on the road.

The mother rhino was not too far from sight as she watched over her pride and joy, as he fumbled across the road playfully. A rare sighting like this reminds us of the plight against rhino poaching and also gives us hope for the re-population of the species in South Africa.

In the National Geographic video shown below, the baby rhino steals the show as he practices his defence skills.

The battle for survival 

According to National Geographic, South Africa is home to 70% of the white rhino population that is now standing at a mere 29 500. After a recent rhino hunt that killed five rhinos on the Wildschutsberg Game reserve in the Eastern Cape – this video has surfaced at a time to shed light on the rhino population and the threat that it faces.

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Owner of the Wildschutsberg Game Reserve, Greg Harvey was infuriated at the attack on the reserve’s rhinos and indicated that over eight rhinos have been killed in the past three years at the reserve.

"Five rhinos have been killed in two separate attacks at the game reserve," says Harvey, adding that a total of eight have been killed in the last three years.

Furthermore, these rhinos were killed after being dehorned - questioning the legal rhino horn auction that recently took place.

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We can only hope that the rhino population sees growth and that there will be more of these adorable little rhinos.

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