South Africa's K9 Killer receives highest PDSA honour for saving rhino

2016-01-13 15:00 - Sam Smith
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Cape Town - World famous actor and comedian Ricky Gervais awarded one very special four-legged anti rhino poacher tracker hero in South Africa with a PDSA Gold Medal.

The Gold Medal is the accolade a civilian animal receives for bravery and devotion, reports SA People.  

The winner of the award, named K9 Killer, is South Africa's 'most successful anti-rhino poacher-tracking dog.'

He is a six-year-old Belgian Malinois, and despite his frightening name, he is a real softy at heart. 

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Killer's daily work revolves around tracking the illegal poachers - who are threatening the African rhino severely. Thousands are killed every year for their horns. When poachers are spotted, Killer, along with his handler and four man team hop into a helicopter and are flown the the location in the park.

K9 Killer received his golden award on 6 January, one week before Gervais hosted the Golden Globe awards in the US. The award was broadcast on social media with Gervais honouring the dog on behalf of the PDSA. Killer's bravery and his good nose, has sniffed out 115 poachers who were  arrested in the Kruger National Park, where he works with his handler. 

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When Killer is 'off duty', handler Amos Mazimba calls him 'very gentle' and calls him one of his 'babies'. But when he's working he's 'incredibly adventurous, very strong and clever.'

Mazimba says that once when a poacher shot at him, 'Killer saved me'. 

The PDSA's thanked Stroop - die film for their moving tribute film of Killer and SANParks for their continuous support. Watch the video below, share and celebrate this award winning rhino saviour. 

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