Respect our Parks: Kruger rules visitors need to know

2017-07-21 14:13
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Cape Town – While recently visiting Kruger National Park, Jaco Prinsloo captured on camera many incidents of misconduct he witnessed at the Park.

One of the disgusting things he saw was the driver of a VW Kombi stepping out, walking around the vehicle and opening the door for two passengers standing open and bare at a bush.

"It was probably about 3km from Lower Sabie in the direction of the Crocodile Bridge that we first saw a man outside his Mercedes A class. He walked down the river bank, sure to see the hippos there. Then the combi arrived and the driver got out to open the door for the two passengers (with great distress). "

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Prinsloo, a businessman of Mbombela, visits the park frequently. "I love nature, and the park has a calming influence on humans," he says.

However, his most recent visit was hardly calming, because of another incident about 20km ahead of the Prinsloo family.

"We encountered lions at about 3 pm and of course it was a chaos of people and cars," he says.

Prinsloo's photographs show how the visitors get out of their vehicles and stand on their roofs to see the lions.

Visitors standing on their car roofs at Kruger National Park to see lions. (Photo: Jaco Prinsloo).

"Near the road lay another lion when an Echo Sport, whose passengers were on the roof earlier, impressed us."

According to Prinsloo, the occupants made all the noise to catch the lion.

"When the lion rises and fixes to jump, they turn the windows and make fast traces."

Still this was not the end. Near Afsaal, there were two hyenas on the road.

"The people were hanging out their cars with kids raging. The park is not a circus," says Prinsloo.

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Prinsloo posted the photos of people who do not follow SANParks’ rules twice on the Park’s Facebook page, but the entry has been removed every time.

However, on another Facebook page, "Kruger National Park Experiences", it triggered a huge response from the Park’s other visitors who are just as angry at those people who behave wilder than the wildlife.

"My opinion is that those people must be permanently banned because they create a danger to other people. If you are in the wildlife, you are in their area, then you adapt to them. You are there for relaxing and enjoying the day, you do not need such clowns," says Prinsloo.

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Netwerk24 inquired about the incidents with SANParks on Tuesday 18 July. By Wednesday 19 July, a spokesman says that it was directed to the relevant directors for comment.

To learn more about the rules of the National Parks in South Africa, check out this video:

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