PICS: See baby rhino Kolisi wearing a cast after hyena attack (Warning: Graphic)

2019-12-12 11:45
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While we're still recovering from the loss of Jazz the giraffe, the Rhino Orphanage shared pics of another rescued baby that was recently attacked by hyenas - Kolisi the five-month-old rhino.

His foot was severely damaged in the attack, and now has to wear a big blue cast to help it heal - which is both adorable and sad. The vet put him in a cast to help align the displaced bones, encourage healing and keep out infection.

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Kolisi - named after SA's Bok hero - arrived at the orphanage last Saturday from a private game reserve with muscle tissue missing, an exposed bone and only one toe left on his injured foot.

Since then the baby has been going from strength to strength, with a familiar face by his side - Hunter the dog! At one point Kolisi's temperature dropped and he had to be covered up in a blanket. His toes were still sticking out, and Hunter was not happy with this situation.

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For now however Hunter has to be kept out of the room as Kolisi is "a little fire cracker" and can accidentally injure him.

"So far [the vets] were very happy with how the wounds have improved from Saturday to Monday. The cast will be removed at the end of this month and a course of action will be decided," posted The Rhino Orphanage.

We hope he gets better soon!

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