PICS: 200 Crocs pick hippo carcass clean in Luangwa River, Zambia

2016-07-18 13:30 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - It's no secret that hippos are some of the most deadly wild animals in Africa. 

Along with buffaloes and crocodiles, hippos are reported to kill more people in Africa than any other animal on the continent - an estimated death toll of more than 500 people per year. 

Easily frightened and extremely aggressive, hippos will not hesitate to attack a human, especially if one of its young babies are near. 

Despite their chubby appearance, they are also equally dangerous in water and on land. And because people in Africa live in communities centred around rivers, hippos also pose the biggest unprovoked threat to those living on the continent. 

This is also the case in Zambia, where the Luangwa River flows through the South Luangwa National Park, giving life to all communities, as well as thousands of hippos and crocodiles. 

Apart from the conflict between humans and hippos, the clashes between hippo bulls can be equally gruesome and fatal. And with an adult bull weighing more than 2 000 kilograms, this means that there is a large amount of meat on offer to scavengers after a deadly fight... 

One deadly killer feeding on another deadly killer... That was the sight travellers at Kaingo Camp were lucky enough to see - nature in all its gruesome glory. 

According to Kaingo Camp, the carcass of the bull hippo was first seen in the water downstream of Shenton Safaris’ hippo hide. It was eaten on by dosens of crocodiles, some trying desperately to gain entry through the openings caused by the victor’s tusks.

"Over the next four days, the odour of the rotting flesh intensified and permeated the water, flowing downstream and attracting more crocodiles until their numbers swelled to almost two hundred," Kaingo Camp says. "And this is not counting any of the crocodiles of two metres in length and shorter..."

The smaller crocs strategically stayed away from the carcass for fear of becoming a meal themselves!

YOU CAN SEE ALL THE PHOTOS HERE: 200 Crocs pick hippo carcass clean!

Because the crocodiles picked the carcass clean so quickly, only a piece of skin remained in Luangwa River. The float of crocs has aptly been dubbed the Luanga River's Sanisation Department... 

Check out the video here: 200 Hungry crocs dubbed 'Luangwa River's Sanitation Department'

The Shenton Safaris photographic hides are just one of the elements that make Kaingo Camp and Mwamba Bush Camp a perfect African safari destination. Surrounded by spectacular game, these camps offer incredible game-viewing and bush-walking opportunities deep within South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.

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