Miraculous Kruger sighting as lion lies down with lamb

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The video was captured by School Deputy Principle, Graeme Mitchley from Edenvale, visiting Kruger National Park where he and his wife spotted a horrific scene, where a lion was eating a antelope cub. 

Graeme describes the scene in detail as "not nice at all".

“My wife and I had seen a lot of lions in that area in 2016. Due to the drought, the animals came to drink and the lions were there waiting for them. On this particular day there wasn't an animal in sight, never mind any lions. Says Mitchely.

"I commented to my wife that I would love to know where they had all got to. A few minutes later, out of nowhere a lion came walking out of the dry bush with something in its mouth."

According to Graeme at first the lion looked like a lioness carrying her cub. But however, at second glance, it turned out to be a young male carrying a newborn antelope.

"The young lion carried the antelope down into the dry riverbed where we lost visual, but could still hear the antelope bleating," he says.