Wildlife sightings round-up: Watch a warthog, a waterbuck and a buffalo outsmart big predators

2019-03-01 14:00
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A twitch in the grass.

Ears just peaking out behind a bush.

The flash of a fang.

In our beautiful national parks and nature reserves, wildlife sightings can fly past you in the blink in the eye. A hunt reaching its climax, the adorable play of baby animals or any behaviour that reminds us that humans are not too far removed from the animal kingdom.

The lucky few however manage to not only capture the wild moment in their memory - but on video that can be shared far and wide for all to see and we love them for it.

Watch this warthog, waterbuck and buffalo prove that the 'weakest' can also survive the fittest: 

WATCH: Waterbuck gets to live another day after escaping crocodile  (above)

WATCH: This warthog might just beat Caster after bolting from seven sneaky lions  (above) 

WATCH: All out Kruger battle as buffalo fights lions and crocodile (below)

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