EXCLUSIVE: Riveting leopard vs leopard vs hyenas

2017-08-14 07:30 - Selene Brophy
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Cape Town -  Night game drives often have an added degree of suspense as you head out into the darkness to see what the nocturnal wildlife get up to. But for Nkorho Bush lodge Field guide Chene Wales-Baillie, aged 27, her latest experience in Northern Sabi Sands was nothing short of extremely rare. 

Baille shared her story with Latestsightings.com describing how she was able to give her guests more of a surprise than even she bargained for.

On the recent evening drive in Northern Sabi Sands Wales-Baillie says, "I heard on the radio that Tiyani (the female leopard who was up the tree with her kill). So I responded to the sighting and just as we got there, the other young female arrived on the scene.

"I told my guests I had a surprise for  them but I didn't expect it to be quite what it was." 

'There was so much suspense' 

Wales-Baillie says she usually gets over-excited when awesome sightings happen - but she nor her guest had any idea what was about to happen, as she says "there was so much suspense!".

"It was very exciting to watch yet also quite shocking when all the fighting up the tree was busy happening. I kept hoping that none of our young females got too injured at the same time," says Wales-Baillie.

You don't get to see it in the video but as the one female fell from the tree, Wales-Baillie says it got caught in the frenzy of hyenas below and bounced out of them, "then ran off before the impala kill fell to those hungry mouths".  

"At the end, neither of the leopards had a meal and the leopard up the tree (Tiyani), looked a bit disappointed indeed. It was priceless to see the hyena walk away with a free meal as if it had worked so hard for it! You can hear all my thoughts and emotions in my crazy commentary," jokes Wales-Baillie. 

She says, "This was an extremely rare sighting for me. In almost two years of guiding I have never seen two leopards fighting, let alone up a tree over a kill. It was amazing!" 

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