Honey badgers don't care! Crazy Kruger three-way brawl

2017-03-20 09:29
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Cape Town - Honey badgers are the bad asses of the bush, and they even have their own Guinness World Record for being the most fearless animal to prove it - remember this

And while they won't hesitate to take on venomous snakes and even lions, they're not often spotted in the wild in a pack as this clip by Latest Sightings, captured in the south of Kruger shows. 

On a drive close to Lukimbi Safari Lodge, Cecil Kagan told the wildlife sightings app he was amazed to come across a three-way honey badger brawl.

"It’s an extraordinary sighting as one would almost never get to see three honey badgers together at one time, let alone see them all involved in a great battle."

It’s not certain as to why these creatures began fighting in the first place but they all seem to be pretty upset. Honey Badgers are known for being fearless and they have a reputation for being aggressive. You can hear their “snorts” as they dive into one another, each trying to fight off its opponent by biting and scratching.

'Incredibly strong will and tenacious attitude' 

Even lions have dived in and tried to take on honey badgers yet these versatile beings seem to survive, maybe due to their incredibly strong will and tenacious attitude. 

At one stage they animals can be seen running off like wildfire but soon stop to continue their dispute again.

Lastly, one of the honey badgers managed to roll itself up like a ball and make a quick getaway whilst the other two looked on in surprise.  Their teeth are incredibly powerful and they can chomp down with enough force to break a tortoise shell so luckily this sighting didn’t end with any broken bones or missing body parts…

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