EXCLUSIVE: Hippo kills baffled rhino in bizarre 'bulldoze' sighting

2017-06-19 07:17
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Cape Town -  Some sightings you're just not prepared for, no matter how rare or riveting they happen to be.

This was the case for game ranger who has asked to remain anonymous, who explains that he was privileged enough to have witnessed this unusual encounter while taking out guests during an early morning drive. 

He told LatestSightings.com, "This hippo was protecting his territory and was making sure he was not letting anyone else enter! 

According to the ranger, this was an ordinary drive, just your plains game and the normal animals you would see, nothing really spectacular. 

"We drove on and that's when we arrived at a dam to find a rhino on its way to get a drink.

"It seemed to be pretty dry, and this could have been the major cause for the hippos being over protective of the waterhole," says the ranger.

'One massive attack on the baffled rhino'  

A similar video can be seen here of a hippo killing an impala that ran into the water. This was also taken a time of drought, which caused many hippos to become extremely aggressive. 

It is also disconcerting to see that the rhino is without its horn - which might have been the difference between life and death in this instance. 

The location of the incident has not been disclosed. 

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"As the hippo pushed the rhino into the water, a feeling of adrenaline took over, next was complete and utter shock mixed with disbelief," explains the ranger.

"Never in a million years did I expect to see anything like this in my life...

"The hippo was protecting his waterhole and pulled out one massive attack on the baffled rhino. The 

rhino didn’t stand a chance under the hippo’s sheer force. It was hard to watch and not intervene, but that is nature. This is a very rare, rare sighting indeed. 

"We stayed on at the sighting and watched how the hippo landed up drowning the rhino. 

"It was like watching a bulldozer move mounds of earth. Truly incredible to see the power play." 

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