Can you guess the collective nouns for these wild animals?

2019-07-24 19:00
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I am looking forward to one day seeing a bloat of hippopotamuses. No, they won't be bloated, that is the collective noun for a group of hippos.

If you are still confused, that is completely normal. Some collective nouns given to groups of animal might leave you with raised eyebrows or giggling uncontrollably as you read through the list.

Some types of animals even have more than one collective noun, all depending on the species, such as with us humans: we are a group of people, but they are a panel of experts.

Impress your game ranger (or friends) and learn some of the most unknown collective nouns out there.  

The oddest names for groups of wild animals

  • Buffalo: obstinacy

Some collective names describe the character of the animals, considering that obstinacy means stubbornness, it makes sense why this would be the name of a group of buffalo.

A buffalo looks right into the camera

                                                                               (Photo: iStock)

  • Elephants: memory

This collective noun is derived from the elephant's impressive memory that has inspired the saying: "memory like an elephant."

Classic Kenya safari landscape with wildebeest her

                                                                                   (Photo: iStock)

  • Baboons: troop

WATCH: Baby elephant barely escapes lion's claws of death

  • Giraffe (if moving): journey
  • Giraffe (standing still): tower

True to form, 'tower' is inspired by the animal's defining characteristic: its height.

Zebras In The Wild

                                                                           (Photo: iStock)

  • Rhinoceroses: crash
  • Wildebeest: confusion

The noun for a group of wildebeest is taken from the loud noise and confusion that erupt during migration season - caught up in the middle of the movement, your head is bound to spin.

Wildebeest crossing the Mara River during the annu

                                                                                       (Photo: iStock)

WATCH: Brown snake eagle makes light meal of puff adder 

  • Flies: business, swarm, cloud
  • Zebras: dazzle

A zebra's stripes makes it one of the most beautiful wild animals out there. Are you also dazzled by their beauty? They are named so for the motion or dazzle effect that is created when they're running.

Zebras at Maasai Mara parkland located on the bord

                                                                                (Photo: iStock)

  • Cheetah: coalition
  • Crocodiles: bask or float


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