Travel to these destinations where the rand will be strongest for 2020

2020-01-13 04:45 - Gabi Zietsman
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Travelling with the rand in your pocket can be a depressing affair - especially in a world where the stock exchange can be so uncertain.

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You never know when the rand might take a knock - anything from a political meltdown to a natural disaster could swing the rand into murky waters - but there are some destinations where you'll know you can count on the Randelas to reign supreme.

Traveller24 had a look at some cheaper countries and the average currency rate over the last six months to help you pick smarter destinations for your wallet.

Just remember not to overspend just because of the cheap prices!

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Please note: The average rate was taken from OFX for the date range from 31 August 2019 to 10 January 2020. The daily meal and accommodation cost for one person staying in a hotel or hostel was taken from Budget Your Trip on 10 January 2020.


Average rate: 4.59 ARS / 1 ZAR

Average daily meal cost: R111

Average daily accommodation: R238

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Average rate: 956.39 IDR / 1 ZAR

Average daily meal cost: R192

Average daily accommodation: R401

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Average rate: 4.85 INR / 1 ZAR

Average daily meal cost: R93

Average daily accommodation: R235

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Average rate: 1 576.5 VND / 1 ZAR

Average daily meal cost: R137

Average daily accommodation: R310

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Average rate: 50.58 CLP / 1 ZAR

Average daily meal cost: R232

Average daily accommodation: R908 

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Sri Lanka

Average rate: 12.27 LKR / 1 ZAR

Average daily meal cost: R110

Average daily accommodation: R272

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Average rate: 3.49 PHP / 1 ZAR

Average daily meal cost: R169

Average daily accommodation: R266

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Average rate: 4.34 RUB / 1 ZAR

Average daily meal cost: R194

Average daily accommodation: R451

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Average rate: 2.06 THB /  1 ZAR 

Average daily meal cost: R223

Average daily accommodation: R476

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Average rate: 2.08 TWD / 1 ZAR

Average daily meal cost: R201

Average daily accommodation: R752

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Average rate: 156.3 TZS / 1 ZAR

Average daily meal cost: R190

Average daily accommodation: R584

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