Budget for your Eurotrip with these 10 affordable cities

2018-10-11 12:00 - Saara Mowlana
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Budget for your Eurotrip at the top 10 cheapest European cities. (Photo: iStock)

It's gap year and backpacking season once more and if you're looking for a Eurotrip that won't break your budget, check out these European cities ranked as the least and most expensive based on your daily cost.

Alpha Travel Insurance crunched the numbers and visualises it here to show you just how much you're expected to pay for a daily stay in one of these 56 stunning European cities.

The overall cost has been selected after weighing up the daily costs of hostel accommodation, transportation, meals, drinks and attractions.

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The most budget-friendly European city is nestled in the historic streets of Istanbul, Turkey, while the city where you're likely to make your wallet cry and lose a spare organ is Zurich, Switzerland.

The daily estimated costs range from a reasonable R305 to a heftier R1 720 on average per day!

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Pick your next budget friendly Eurotrip escape from the top 10 affordable cities ranked below:

(The daily costs are shown in Pounds and US Dollars on the interactive graphic. For the list below - the exchange rate used is currently: $1 (USD) = R14.63) 

1. Istanbul, Turkey - overall daily cost: R305.11 ($20.85)

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2. Kiev, Ukraine - overall daily cost: R372.58 ($25.46)

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3. Krakow, Poland - overall daily cost: R385.02 ($26.31)

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4. Belgrade, Serbia - overall daily cost: R394.97 ($26.99)

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5. Bucharest, Romania - overall daily cost: R404.33 ($27.63)

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6. Sofia, Bulgaria - overall daily cost: R454.38 ($31.05)

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7. Budapest, Hungary - overall daily cost: R467.40 ($31.94)

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8. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - overall daily cost: R484.09 ($33.08)

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9. Riga, Latvia - overall daily cost: R493.89 ($33.75)

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10. Zagreb, Croatia - overall daily cost: R504.87 ($34.50)

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See the full 56 cities ranked here

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