WATCH: Welcome to Miami, land of beach, dominoes and alligators

2019-02-27 18:00
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Year-round sunshine, amazing natural beauty, beautiful and diverse people, tasty food and a calendar filled with great events - understandably Miami is one of the world's most famed cities. 

Most people think of the beach when Miami is mentioned and for good reason. Warm weather, fine white sand, clear blue waters and colourful buildings make beaches like South Beach the postcard image of the city. Here you can work on your tan and enjoy some causal beach-side cuisine or linger long enough for the crowds to come out and enjoy the world class Miami nightlife. 

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Once you've shaken off the sand (and probably a hangover as well), travellers have the opportunity to taste and experience the diversity of Miami first-hand in Little Havana. Salsa, bachata music, Cuban sandwiches and a mojito to accompany a robust game of dominoes might be the order of the day here. 

The city proper, however, isn't all there is to see in this fascinating place. Check out the area that Majorie Stoneman Douglas called "River of Grass" - the Florida Everglades. A great way to experience this area is atop a airboat where you are likely to zip by marshes, mangroves, exotic wildlife and what might seem an endless amount of sea grass. Perhaps you'll even enjoy some local bites - like alligator meat. 

Check out the video above to see some of the best things you can expect on a trip to Miami. 

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