8 Remote private islands for the perfect dose of paradise

2016-01-19 19:00 - Sam Smith
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Cape Town - What makes a beach holiday absolutely picture perfect? Is it the silence? Or the idea of being far from the city? Is it the perfect position of the sun? Perhaps it is the idea of lying on the sand - drinking wonderful concoctions out of a coconut and the freedom to sun tan and read until the sun disappears?

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If your ideal escape is finding a private island to immerse yourself in the waves, surf and a tropical cocktail or two - here are some of the most peaceful private islands in the world. 

1. Zaya Nurai Island Abu Dhabi

The middle eastern island is only 3.2 km. Having only opened in February 2015 - it is still a growing and developing destination.

Future developments will include a spa, five local restaurants serving fresh produce, fish and biodynamic wines, says Conde Nast Traveller. Accommodation on the island is modern and chic and travellers can expect to see dolphins colourful fish and even bump into a few Hollywood celebrities. 

2. The Brando, French Polynesia

Located off the grid in the southernmost part of the South Pacific, this island consists of many smaller sandy islets, encompassing a lagoon about 8km long, says Conde Nast.

Travellers must take a private plane from Tahiti over the blue seas and freshwater pools to the little landing strip on Brando. The island began gaining some attention after Marlon Brando scouted it while looking for locations for Mutiny on the Bounty back in 1963. 

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In 2014, the island became a travel destination for those seeking a scenic island hotel, top class spa treatments, snorkelling excursions and untouched beauty.

3. Tavanipupu Private Island Resort, Solomon Islands

This tiny island is one of the hundreds of tiny islands which make up the Solomon Islands. 

It was once a coconut plantation but now is a laidback, seaside five-star resort which carries an old world wonder. 

The island is mostly self-sufficient in supplying its own meat, vegetables and fresh fish. According to Conde Nast, it's wooden bungalows, giant sized beds and spa is what paradise is made of. 

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4. Private Island Retreat Greece

The 300-hectare privately owned islet is covered with olive trees, historical buildings and romantic little beaches.

Accommodation is a few steps from the Mediterranean and travellers can explore secret fruit gardens and the ancient Grecian land all before the sun goes down. 

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5. Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

The Guana Island is north of Tortola on 850 acres of striking island rainforest.

The accomodation offerings are 15 beach cottages furnished in a laidback manner. The best thing about this lazy island is that there are no phones and televisions - only Wi-Fi. 

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6. Lighthouse Grebeni, Croatia

Just off the coast of Croatia - there is a little lighthouse surrounded by a few accommodation offerings.

Beyond this, there is nothing else but peace and quiet. Travellers can swim at the quay, go scuba diving, or hire a private chef if they do not feel like cooking themselves.

It is the perfect hideaway for writers, artists, yogis or musicians wanting to perfect their practice. 

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7. Cayo Espanto, Belize

The central North American destination is only five kilometres off the Ambergris Caye. It is an island covered in white sands, coconut trees, with its own 45-metre walkway built over the waters.

Accommodation on the island is relaxed and comfortable, offering delicious local foods like parrotfish and a black bean sauce made from chilli and chocolate, explains Conde Nast. If you love new food and simplicity - Cayo Espanto is for you. 

8. Petit St Vincent, St Vincent and the Grenadines

Only 135 acres, the tiny island is covered in lush greenery, is home to many indigenous birds and only 22 little traveller cottages.

The old fashioned island is mostly untouched - cottages are made from blue bitch stone and purpleheart wood, there are no TVs, cell phones, air-con Wi-Fi or even mosquito nets. 

If this is the one for you - make sure to come prepared with insect repellent. Conde Nast recommends going from March to June - when the flowers and wildlife is in full bloom.

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