7 Enchanting Eastern Cape retreats to suit your budget

2017-02-10 18:24 - Anje Rautenbach
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There are a few long weekends looming, together with those glorious days ahead of you in a time when Autumn is still latching on to summer and Winter is still patiently waiting, which allows you multiple hours of perfect weather for the ideal romantic break.

It's time to catch your breath and recharge your batteries for the next stretch of the year; with four months almost down and eight to go why not choose a quiet place for your April getaway with that someone special? Perhaps a place where your phone will struggle to find signal, a place where the sound of nature is louder than the sound of the city, a place not completely off the grid but still hidden and a bit secluded.

Here are a few suggestions in and around the Eastern Cape to suit your romantic style:

Baviaanskloof – The Wild Retreat

If you have a vehicle that won’t moan and groan too much going off-road, then head to Baviaans – one of the Eastern Cape’s seven wonders – where you will be surrounded by an unspoilt wilderness of narrowing gorges, wildlife, streams and spectacular landscapes. You can enter the valley from Willowmore’s side or from Patensie;  the Baviaanskloof is just under 200 km, but don’t fool yourself and think it’s a quick two hour drive…

The road can take up to 8 hours, and besides, why rush when nature offers you so much beauty on a plate?

Staying over in the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve is highly recommended; there are camp sites, high-end lodges, guest farms, cottages and, if you really want to stay in a unique place, try the accommodation in the Makkedaat cave or stay in the Speekhout treehouse.

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Hogsback – The Spiritual Retreat

How do you feel about a green, lush indigenous forest, dozens of waterfalls, Samango monkeys, Knysna Louries, Cape parrots and mountains, morning mist, moss carpets and moonshine? What about labyrinths, an eco-shrine, crystals, fairies?

Sounds magical, right?

Hogsback in the Amathole district can only be described as magical, an ideal backdrop for a retreat for mind, body and soul; it is a place encapsulated by nature with plenty of activities on offer such as hiking, biking and horse-back riding with numerous art studios to visit and local eateries.

Accommodation ranges from basic backpacker dormitories to hotels to spots hidden under the forest canopy.

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Langkloof – The Country Retreat

Just behind the towering Tsitsikamma Mountains lies the Langkloof, the fruit route of South Africa where apples and pears shout sweet promises from the road while proteas – in all shapes and sizes – colours the valley’s fynbos face with dots of pink and white.

The Langkloof is a stretch of more than 160 km and include towns like Joubertina, Twee Riviere, Louterwater, Misgund and Kareedouw, where farm retreats are ready to welcome you with 4x4 trails, hiking opportunities and abseiling. And of course, the Langkloof also forms part of Route 62, the longest wine route in the world.

The area is known for its numerous farm stalls and unique restaurants like the Belfry Kitchen, where a four-course meal – that will send your tastebuds to heaven - is under R60. How is this possible you wonder? They say, “the centerpiece of this inflation-free marvel is the own production of virtually all ingredients and foodstuffs through simple, family-based, homesteading practices.”  

You will find that the majority of the Langkloof’s accommodation is on guest farms.

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Groendal Nature Reserve in Nelson Mandela Bay – The Active Retreat

A mere 40 minute drive from Port Elizabeth’s city centre will bring you to one of the Bay’s lesser known spots – truly hidden – the Groendal Nature Reserve where the Blindekloof hiking trail can keep you busy for a day if you want to sleep in a comfortable hotel in the city or it can keep you busy for more than a day if you want to be adventurous and sleep in a cave.

The Groendal Area stretches its green arms out over 30 000 hectares of wilderness where rugged mountains, deep valleys and crystal clear pools have brag rights as they take the prize for being completely unspoiled, untouched and unbelievable.

If you don’t want to stay over in a cave and prefer to do the day hike, you can find accommodation in Port Elizabeth or opt for a stay at Sand River Getaways  , a holistic wellness retreat, not too far from the Groendal Wilderness Area.

For more information on the hike, visit voetsachikingclub.co.za - Groendal

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Coffee Bay – The Coastal Retreat

You had me at coffee…

The Wild Coast’s Coffee Bay is situated in the Eastern Cape and its dramatic landscapes, cliffs, beautiful coastline, nature and warm water have the power to keep you on a Coffee Bay high for days. If you want to escape the city, get back to the basics and experience a more rural part of South Africa where cattle roam the beaches and mud huts cover the hills, then you know where you can get your next fix.

Coffee Bay offers a variety of outdoor activities such as walking, the impressive Hole in the Wall, surfing and visiting the Mapuzi Caves.

Even though Coffee Bay attracts mostly backpackers there are also other accommodation options such as a resort, self-catering cottages and hotels.

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Bedford – The Green Retreat

Bedford is a small Eastern Cape town with a green soul.

The town is known as the green heart of the Eastern Cape Midlands and it holds an annual garden festival (October) when its unique roses at the Rosarium – plus other flowers all around residents’ gardens  - are in full bloom.

The sense of community in Bedford is something that you will remember for years to come; here everyone works together to better themselves, better each other and better their town through community projects such as mass recycling done at Eaglehout and the vegetable garden projects.

Buying local produce is their motto, connecting with others is their passion and welcoming you to their town is a given.

When in town check out all the beautiful old architecture, especially the period furniture at the Duke of Bedford Inn, visit the Rosarium, Eaglehout, for gourmet treats go to the Apprentice where the food is nurtured and made with love, stop by the Mill Cricket Ground, the Village Farm Stall and just allow yourself to stop, switch off and see Bedford. It’s a town you need to see with your heart, not your eyes.

You can stay at the hotel in the centre of town at Duke of Bedford Inn, or at a bed and breakfast, or guest farm (some of the farms are only open during the Garden Festival in October every year).

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Steytlerville – The Karoo Retreat

Before you take the road to the popular Karoo hotspots, take some time and check out Steytlerville, only 160 km from Port Elizabeth.

The town of Steytlerville oozes with the typical Karoo hospitality where people will still say, “no, it’s okay, you can pay me later” and “it’s on the house, you’re in the Karoo now”.  

Steytlerville used to be the home of back-in-the-day rugby legend, Danie Craven, and the celebrated poet and doctor A.G Visser;  it’s no wonder that the history still fills the spaces and places.

When visiting Steytlerville make sure to catch the Steytlerville Follies show, a cabaret,  at the Karroo Theatrical Hotel, visit Lizzy’s Khaya for some home-cooked meals and the Verandah Coffee Shop where a classic car collection, complete with memorabilia, hides in the backyard of the café.

You can find accommodation at one of the hotel, guest houses or guest farms.

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