15 Most stunning university campuses around the world

2015-10-29 15:26
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Cape Town - From lofty steeples to lush lawns, sweeping corridors and towering columns, geometrical arches to breathtaking views from the campus itself - there are a couple of university campuses that are simply a marvel to be in.

We've rounded up 15 of the most stunning university campuses from around the world. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Mumbai University, India

(Flickr / Creative Commons / Leon Yaakov)

2. University of Cape Town, South Africa

(Flickr / Creative Commons / Ian Barbour)

3. University Bologna, Italy

(Flickr / Creative Commons / dvdbramhall)

4. Wits University, South Africa

(Flickr / Creative Commons / Paul Saad)

5. Trinity College, England

(Flickr / Creative Commons / Neil Howard)

6. Royal Roads University, Canada

(Flickr / Creative Commons / US Embassy Canada)

7. Oxford University, England

(Flickr / Creative Commons / Piers Nye)

8. University of Coimbra, Portugal

Flickr / Creative Commons / Flickr User

9. University of Glasgow, Scotland

(Flickr / Creative Commons / Michael D Beckwith)

10. Yonsei University, South Korea

(Flickr / Creative Commons / Maximillian_schaffhausen)

11. Moscow State University, Russia

(Flickr / Creative Commons / Alexey Kljatov)

12. Salamanca University, Spain

(Flickr / Creative Commons / Lawrence OP)

13. University of Sydney, Australia

(Flickr / Creative Commons / Andrea Schaffer)

14. Royal Holloway, University of London, England

(Flickr / Creative Commons / Fotorus)

15. University of Edinburgh, Scotland

(Flickr / Creative Commons / dun_deagh)

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