13 Unbelievable natural light phenomena you need to see at least once in your life

2016-03-23 19:00 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - The world is a pretty crazy place, with so many weird and wonderful phenomenon happening all around us we tend to take most of it for granted.

Just two weeks ago, residents of northern Britain had the privilege of seeing the Aurora Borealis - or the iconic Northern Lights - when weather caused for the lights to be seen much further south than usual. 

The phenomenon was caused by eruptions on the surface of the Sun, and this most recent activity has been unexpectedly strong and far south as the aurora was visible in skies above Derwent Water near Keswick in the Lake District. 

Apart from the stunning Northern Lights, there are plenty more natural light phenomena to be spotted around the world. 

UK lighting company Lyco had a look into some of the best shows of natural lighting spectacles, and was they found was stunning!

From star like displays given off by worms in New Zealand to waterfalls of fire and the awe-inspiring aforementioned spectacle - the Aurora Borealis - there are some truly astounding natural displays of light out there.

Which have you seen in real life before? 

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