12 Reasons why you should 'never' travel to South Africa

2017-08-02 18:00 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town - South Africa may have more than a few reasons why you should never travel here.

This is a heads up for tourists wanting to visit out country and a reminder for local South Africans to 'never' spread their wings, travel and explore the domestic boarders of SA. There are the obvious reasons as locals rant and rave about how they feel about South Africa. 

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Never say 'never'

It was not difficult to come up with reasons as to why travellers should 'not' make their way down to South Africa - it was just too easy. There are so many 'pitfalls' about South Africa that we decided to embrace them and have a closer look at what they are. 

1. Our beaches are nothing special 

Camps Bay more like Camps' nay.  Winter's day on the 31 July 2017 - in the Mother City and it was so very dreadful, you could not even go outside.  There are so many beaches across the world that you could see and enjoy during Winter - why come to Cape Town?!

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If it is not obvious enough...

2. Our Sunsets certainly do not light up the skyline

In Jeffrey's Bay, it is clear to see - there are no beautiful hues and wonderful tinges of color that will leave you breathless. They are mediocre at best.

3. Who says we have the big - 5? 

Many people think it is a magical place but there are no remarkable animals anywhere in sight.

Not a single one. 

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4. Wildlife up close is a no-no

Forget about getting up-close and personal with the South African wildlife.

...and they are definitely not cute.

6. The views are boring

Blyde River Canyon - a rather average view.

It does not snow here.  

7. Our cities are dull

Joburg city skyline - there is not much.

8. You cannot do that much outdoors 

No array of activities to sink your teeth into - we only have shark cage diving, kayaking and well a few more.

Just some large caves to explore

9. Locals are not friendly and there is no vibrant culture or history.

10. You can never find a good local meal.

Classic Bobotie - it does not look delicious at all. 

11. There are no beautiful places to stay 

You'll have share a waterhole with the local wildlife

12. There are no famous icons 

Now that we have shown you the many reasons 'not' to travel to South Africa - when are you 'not' going to book your ticket

There are so many more reasons we could come up with but we'll just leave you with a taste of what 'not' to expect. 

'Hater's gonna hate' - why not come and decide for yourself. 

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