12 Instagram trends: How to take the 'ULTIMATE' holiday shot!

2016-08-08 14:30 - Anje Rautenbach
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The dynamic of the popular mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service, Instagram, has changed a lot since it launched in October 2010. Instagram is loved my many and has over 500 million monthly active users worldwide and a whopping 3.8 million users in South Africa. The app has benefited young and old, creative minds and business minds since it has created job opportunities for many, fame for some and it became an integral puzzle piece in digital marketing campaigns.

People will often say that they are over Facebook, don’t understand Twitter, have no idea what Snapchat is, were forced into Google Plus, but that Instagram is there happy place filled with visually stimulating photos of their interests from travel, to food, to fashion.

The downside to Instagram is that your (often) brilliant photo idea will become the world’s (often) brilliant photo idea; copy this and regurgitate that and snap-crackle-pop, before you know it, it becomes an overused Instagram trend with hashtags and a few too many filters (#NoFilter).

So here are 12 Instagram Trends, or rather InstaAgain Photos.

1. The #FollowMeTo Photo

How to take a #FollowMeTo photo:

1) Get a person.

2) Hold person’s hand.

3) Make sure you get your hand in the photo as well.

Hats off the person who started the #FollowMeTo trend, the Russian photographer Murad Osman, you had a good original idea at the time.

2. The #SummerTime Photo

Ice cream is the universal equivalent of summer and putting that ice-cream in the air or keeping it really low so that your feet is in the photo as well, is necessary to take the ultimate ice-cream shot. For a two-in-one effect, just make a V-sign with your fingers. It shows that you are care-free.

3. The #ItsTime Photo

Is Instagram a waste of time? No, Instagram is saturated with time! What started as a trend for influencers and marketers to advertise a product became a common, this-is-me-my-watch-and-my-shoes photo.

4. The #ThisIsParadise Photo

What screams ‘Island Breakaway’ louder than a photo of a coconut, a straw, a little party umbrella, a palm tree and turquoise water?

 5. The #PinchTheSun Photo

Find the sun, pinch it between your fingers to create a fun, multi-dimensional perspective and take a photo. Did I get it right?

6. The #MorningCoffee Photo

If it is not the #NoMakeUpSelfie then it is the #WokeUpLikeThis morning coffee shot. One can’t help but to wonder: has anyone ever spilled their morning coffee while trying to take the perfect photo of their cup of coffee, toes (or slippers), and the occasional succulent, on white linen?

 7. The #TheWorldThroughMyEyes Photo.

Get a pair of sunglasses, hold it up and take a photo. As easy as one, two, three. Oh and this photo works well in #SummerTime too.

8. The #NoFilter Photo.

Can you believe the sunset tonight? And can you believe that I used no filter? The colours of nature is so amazing, #SoBlessed.

Yes, nature is amazing and yes, that sunset is special but are you sure that you didn’t tweak the photo even a little bit? #Saturation #Contrast #Ambiance #Colours #Details #Nashville #Valencia #Mayfair.

9. The #Gear Layout

Serious respect to all the travellers, photographers and Instagrammers who put their camera gear (or travel gear) so meticulously on the floor to take a photo – I never have the time to do anything meticulous before I leave for a trip.

10. The #ReachForTheSky Photo

Step 1: Find clouds or the sun (or just something in the distance). Step 2: Reach into the nothingness (fingers apart). Step 3: Put the photo on Instagram.

To all the reachers, I love you, but please let me in on the secret: what are you touching and are you part of a reaching cult?

11. The #FromWhereIstand Photo

It’s almost impossible to escape the Insta-food-fetish – who knew that your feet and shoes would look so good on a photo? Pretty carpet? Take a photo! Rugged terrain? Take a photo! Beautiful shoes? Take a photo! Nature? Take a photo! Sun, sea and sand? Take a photo! Cat Litter? Take a photo!

12. The #AtTheBeach Photo

Instagram is filled with tanned, floating-without-bodies beach legs. To take the perfect beach leg you need: 1) a perfect day (preferably blue skies), 2) sand, and 3) knees bend at a 90 degree angle. It is extremely important to avoid capturing other body parts if you want to perfect this photo. Also, don’t use your index and middle finger to recreate the beach leg photo; the world will know the difference when they spot the creases on your knuckles.

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