10 things that smell like South Africa

2015-09-15 21:30 - Sam Smith
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Cape Town - With Heritage Day right around the corner, we thought we would put together a list of our favourite things that remind us of South Africa. 

Falling head over heels in love with the aroma of boerewors wafting through the air. And the salty fragrance of the sea that drifts into your face, even when you’re miles away from the ocean.

Some of the more modern things that you smell these days are things such as incense or the smell of someone burning their hair while using their hair iron. 

Here are our favourite 10 and feel free to share your special memory-evoking aromas with us by emailing info@traveller24.com or join us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

1. Samoosas – Oh the joys of deep frying! If you have experienced someone frying samosas in your presence, you will know what this refers too. South Africa is home to some of the tastiest samosas on the planet and the smell takes many of us back home. This reminds us of festive holidays or simply makes us feel like a child on a Durban beach again. 

2. Wine – The smell of wine cellars is dark and somewhat smooth. Some love it and some find it too overwhelming. This heady fragrance reminds us of weekends spent with friends, tasting one of SA’s greatest accolades! 

3. Beer – That malt, hops and barley infused aroma that can sometimes be confused with the smell of porridge, tickles the nose every time we’re in Newlands watching the Rugby. Go Stormers!

4. Rain - The smell of summer rain and thunderstorms letting you know that it’s on its way any time now. 

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5. Mossbolletjies – Another favourite. This one never gets old. The mossbolletjies breads, which are said to resemble balls of moss, waft through the house while cooking in the oven. A sweetish bread mixed with aniseed is one that smells like home and sharing. 

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6. Rooibos tea - What’s more soothing than a cup of rooibos tea on a rainy day? Or any day really? This one has a soothing herbal flavour that kind of makes us think of the colour red or fantasise about Ouma’s Rusk’s in the bottom of our cups. 

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7. Moerkoffie -  This one you smell with your nose and feel with your heart. Our very own Louzel Lombard says that "the real South African style 'moerkoffie' should ideally be brewed by placing rough ground coffee beans in an enamel coffee kettle and letting it simmer all day." Yes, all day - on an open fire or wood-fired stove. The latter is extremely important as it gives the coffee a distinct, deep and dark flavour. Enjoy black, with loads of sugar.

8. Nik Naks – A Strong cheesy crunch that we love most at birthday parties or at school breaks. Do you have memories of licking your yellow fingers and the Nik-Nak smell following you for a good two hours after that?

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9. Chappies Bubblegum - The smell of someone chewing the grape Chappies bubblegum or the watermelon one… This one reminds us of our school friends buying bubble gum at the tuck-shops and chewing until you get caught by the teacher. Come on now. The smell was a dead give-away.

10. Boerewors - Please tell, who doesn’t embrace the aroma of boerewors wafting through the air on a Saturday afternoon before a game? 

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