10 of the worst types of travellers – which one are you?

2015-09-07 19:45 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - The best part about seeing the world is getting to meet different kinds of people.

Sometimes you cross paths with travellers who end up becoming companions and comrades, who understand the power of broadening your horizons. Most of the time, they're a blessing, but sometimes they're not.

You can judge the different types of travellers as much as you want, but be warned that you too may fall under one of these categories...

What's the most annoying type of traveller you've ever encountered? Email info@traveller24.com. You can also join us on our FacebookTwitter or Instagram accounts.

Here are the 10 worst types of travellers on the globe... which one do you identify with? (honest, now...)

1. The social fraud

These guys are only there for the #hashtags and the Facebook check-ins. Some moments are best enjoyed off the grid and off the radar… but the social sluts will never know this. If it’s not on Facebook, it never happened, right? 

2. The schedule slut

You cannot pre-plan and pre-determine every single part of your trip. Sometimes the best plans are born from desperation (or alcohol) – but these guys would rather stick to their programme, thank you. Shem. 

3. The hipster

If going up the Eifel Tower or visiting The Louvre is too mainstream for you, please go shave your beard. Some iconic landmarks are relevant for a reason, respect the cause. 

4. The self-proclaimed trilingualist

“Of course I can speak Italian… and French and Xhosa and Swahili.” No. If you took Spanish in high school it DOES NOT mean you can hold a fluent conversation with the locals in Spain. You’re insulting them... for your own safety, please stop. 

5. The non-traveller

These travellers refuse to eat anything local and would rather stick to a McFlurry than try Spanish churros. We wonder why you travel at all?

6. The typical American 

It’s a generalisation, that’s for sure… but if you're aware of the stereotype, why are you still so annoying? In this context, Americans aren't necessarily only the people who hold US citizenship; we're referring here to those travellers asking the strikingly stupid questions. On the topic of Americans though, why are you guys always feeling sorry for people who are not from the USA?

7. The wanna-be conjoined twins 

We get it. You’re on honeymoon… but you’ll miss all the beautiful things on your path if you’re constantly stuck on your partner’s face. Stay home - it’s cheaper – and rather travel when you’re an independent human again. 

8. The happy-go-lucky 

Some people are able to wing-it good. They are cool as a cucumber when it’s 11 at night and they still don’t have a place to sleep over… Annoyingly, they always seem to manage and get the best experiences ever. How?!

9. The unorganised one

This is the guy who rocks up at the security check-in with his laptop still in the bag, a missing boarding pass and his passport safely stowed away with his checked-in luggage. WHY did you end up in the queue behind him!? Oh, WHY!

10. The know-it-all 

Know-it-alls enjoy correcting the tour guide and love to add extra irrelevant info to make the tour extra long. Remarkably, these guys also seem to mistake the irritated stares we inflict on them as grateful glances of adoration. 

What's the most annoying type of traveller you've ever encountered? Email info@traveller24.com. You can also join us on our FacebookTwitter or Instagram accounts.

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