10 Great countries to live in if you are a woman

2017-08-09 18:00 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town - Women's Day in South Africa celebrates the power and resilience of women - in 1956, 20 000 women marched to The Pretoria Union buildings to present a petition against the carrying of passes by women.

The Federation of South African Women has played a pivotal role in the history of our female population, helping to shift the gender roles and stereotypes of women. 

Even though there have been movements for women's equality and rights through the decades - inequality is still prevalent.

According to CNN, their report on International Women's day indicated that a girl under the age of 18 gets married every two seconds but even worse - 1 in 3 women across the world have been physically or sexually assaulted by someone they intimately know.

The report also indicated that the 2017 annual pay for women across the globe is equal to the salaries men were receiving a decade ago. Not cool.

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With it being Women's Month and Women's day on 9 August 2017 in South Africa - we have compiled a list of the Top 10 countries that are making strides in women's rights and equality. 

Top 10 countries for women when it comes to gender equality

According to a report released by US News & World Report these are the countries in the world that are making steps toward gender equality. These countries have indicated that gender equality is a necessity and must be addressed in order to create a positive change for the women of the country.

These top 10 countries are proving that gender equality and addressing the rights of women is not impossible. 

1. Sweden 

A report issued by YouGov on the global attitude towards gender has indicated that Sweden has the most progressive attitudes towards gender.

It also indicated that there are no 'gaps' between men and women as half the political ministers are women. It has the best paid parental policies in the world for both genders. Gender neutrality is a theme from an early age as is said to be evident in their day-care centres. 

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2. Denmark

There is a small gap between men and women across health, education, economy and politics in Denmark. It has a very flexible parental leave system for both parents and considerably the most flexible in the European Union.

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3. Norway 

The maternity leave of women is regarded as a necessity - women can get up to full pay for 35 weeks of maternity leave and is considered one of the most gender neutral countries in the world

4. Netherlands 

In various fields the gap has been narrowed between men and women by the government. New mothers are provided with a maternity nurse that is there to help them through their maternity leave and is partly covered by insurance. 


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5. Canada

Women's rights and equality is made a pivotal part of society as it forms part of Canada's domestic and foreign policy. Although this has been implemented there are still discrepancies among different cultures in Canada.

6. Finland 

Founders of the Gender Equality prize - it comes as no surprise that they were the first country in the world to give women the right to vote and legalize universal suffrage. In 2017 all students in Grade 9 received a free and translated copy of 'We should all be feminists'. There are also huge efforts put in place to encourage education around equality between genders. 

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7. Switzerland 

It is known for more than its chocolate and cheese - as it prides itself on the promotion of diversity and women's rights although it was the last country in Europe to legalize women's right to vote. It has come a long way since 1971 and continues to move forward.

8. Australia 

There is a high life expectancy for both genders and an a high level of participation in all sports by both men and women.

9. Austria 

It is home to one of the highest standards of living for both men and women - with high rankings in citizenship, entrepreneurship and heritage. 

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10. New Zealand 

A country that is a leader in global peace keeping and global security efforts - ensures that there is peace within its borders for both men and women.

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